Wednesday, August 1, 2012

What to wear...on the first day of school

Hey my swaggerpeepz,

Summer is all but over and the days are closing in for the first day of school.
The first day of school is the first appearance you have after a good while - make it a good one, because first impressions matter.
Here are a few things to keep in mind when choosing your big debut ensemb:
  • Keep things simple and classic, nothing in-your-face or over the top.
  • It's okay to be a little trendy, but you have to adapt the trends to your personal style, or you'll end up looking like a major trend-chaser.
  • Put on the confidence! If you don't have it, fake it. When you aren't doubting yourself, no one else will doubt you or your clothing choices.
Create the outfit
The idea behind a great first-day-of-school is a killer ensemble. Just make sure you can back up your outfit and will keep your dressing pattern consistent - don't wear an ultra trendy, right-off-the-runway look and then turn around and wear simple jeans & a t-shirt combo the rest of the year.

Look good, but nothing too dressy or attention-grabbing (only exception is if that's the look you're going for the whole school year!).

For the ladies,
 ·         Chic & understated: Zip Front Military Jacket ; Washed  Jeans Tote Bag ; Stripe Ruffle Shoulder blouse ; Skinny Jeans ,Red  Floral Scarf;Flat Black.
If you want to tone it down, remove the scarf and roll up the  sleeves of the jacket for a more effortless look.

And for the guys with swagger I present to you a new take on hoodies.
Black cotton made hoodie; White T-shirt; Brown leather belt; and dark wash jeans.
For you as well if you would like to tone it down remove the white t-shirt and roll up the sleeves of the hoodie.
As for shoes i would suggest denim Impulse high tops.
I personally have these in my high tops collection and they are AMAZING. Perfect if you want to pull some extra attention and have all eyes on you.

Important stuff
Your school necessities should be funky and fresh, just like your style.
Search for cool versions of old classics
Check  office supply stores for stylish paper and pens, notebooks, agenda’s etc.
Remember to always be unique and color coordinate or set a theme for your school necessities.

The rest of the week
Okay, so you get the first day over with while wearing a completely amazing outfit. But now you have the rest of the week to worry about!
Make a point that you don't get all dressy  the first day, and then every other day wear simple and frumpy.
I suggest that the whole week (although I normally plan the entire month, yeah, it's an obsession!) is planned out in outfits.  That way you can focus on what school is really about - homework and important stuff  (don't forget friends, socializing.).

Confidence is the most important piece of fashion.
Wear it GOOD!


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