Saturday, August 4, 2012

Got me some new stuff.

Hey fashion lovers,

I went shopping today to get first pick at the new stuff the stores had.
My main mission was to find a bag for school and matching sneakers.
Well let me tell you, after hours and hours of searching for the perfect bag it was a complete failure.
Whenever i asked for a schoolbag they kept showing me these cartoon themed bags.
I mean come i look like a 10 year old????

So i kinda gave up on the bag and start searching for  sneakers.
I went to my favorite store where i know they sell IMPULSE sneakers.
And i was glad that i find the perfect pair.

When i got home i remembered i had a bag that i never wore because i did not have the sneakers to go with it.
Well they made a perfect combination.

So remember to look in your unused stuff and check what can work for you before you go shopping.
you might find a pleasant surprise.

Clothes are next on my list.
Wish me luck!

Store: Hizz Fashion


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  1. I love the color of the shoes! They look so sophisticated! xx

    Cristina's Fashion Sense