Thursday, August 2, 2012

Back  To School Fashion: Schoolbags

Keeping on the back-to-school fashion subject I decided to look around for fashionable yet functional schoolbags.

To have a killer first day of school outfit your whole entire look has to be in harmony.
And of course a schoolbag is a must!...I mean you need to put your books, and necessities somewhere.
So I Chose a few examples what in my opinion are very stylish Schoolbags that has that fresh and funky feel but are yet appropriate for school.
But before we get to that I have a few tips before the purchase of a new schoolbag and the usage.

Buy the right size bag
According to a recent study published in Australian Spine, almost 80 per cent of students say their bag feels too heavy. That means not buying an over-large bag to save money, hoping it will last longer, but to purchase a bag that's appropriate to your size. Experts also recommend buying a backpack, rather than a bag that's carried, or slung over one shoulder, as the latter can cause back and shoulder problems. 

Pack a schoolbag correctly

Try to find a bag with a few separate compartments to help with packing. That way you'll be able to position the heaviest items next to your back, slotting books and lunch boxes firmly into place, so items don't move around in transit. If they do, a badly-packed bag can shift your center of gravity and potentially cause back pain. A drink bottle holder outside the bag is a good idea to save spillage and damp school books.

Don't overload a bag
A backpack should weigh less than ten per cent of your weight, so around 5kg for a 50kg person. Seeing as that only equates to a few books and a large lunchbox, many students are carrying more weight than is healthy. 
Evaluate what is the most important things to carry with you and what you can leave at home.
Or if your school has a locker put everything in there and carry what you only need for that period. You might walk allot back and forth but at least you will be avoiding back pains and unneeded stress.

So go out there and look for the best schoolbag that suits your personal style and needs.

Confidently yours,

Valdemir Valerius

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