About Young CuraGlam

Young CuraGlam is a team of young fashonistas from Curaçao that brings the fashion forward with a fun and enthusiastic twist.
We cover all fields of fashion from clothes to make-up and hair. 

Fashion isn't just a word...It's a lifestyle.
And that is what we do here. 
Bring our style forward in a fresh and unique way.

At the moment we have two different Fashonistas in the Young CuraGlam team.
Sujenne Macaay & Valdemir Valerius are doing their best to bring the best of both worlds to make everybody feel at home. 
Because we know we can't hide it that men love to be in Fashion too and we often tend to forget about them

More about Valdemir Valerius.
Valdemir is currently attending The University of The Dutch Carribean and is studying Business Commerce.
And is the Treasurer of local foundation WE LEAD CURACAO that emphasize the role of the youth in constructing their ideal nation.
To develop the role of youth as new leaders and nation builders through engagement in their community. 
I am also the Communication Coordinator of the organization named WENSHOW. WENSHOW is created to bring a different dimension into entertainment on our island working towards an international level. 
And lastly but not least I’m a singer.

TO keep in contact with us you can find us on:
Youtube: www.youtube.com

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