Sunday, September 2, 2012

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First Date Fashion

  For Men

Forget what everyone says about intelligence, kindness and loyalty. When it comes to first dates, the way you look is most important. Shallow? No doubt. But we’re only human. What you wear and how you groom yourself can speak volumes before you even say “hello.” Luckily, I'm here to help you put your best foot forward (literally) and prevent you from greeting your date with gnarly nails, all in the hopes that this initial encounter will end in something more than a seriously unsatisfying goodbye.

Sick kicks

It’s no secret that every woman (and, for that matter, any well-dressed gent) is pretty much obsessed with shoes. And that’s because they’re the one thing that can make or break an entire getup. Fortunately, most men know that ratty running shoes are off-limits. But those aren’t the offenders here. Rather, the culprits are clunky slip-on shoes that guys dust off for date night. It’s time to part ways and invest in a lean-lined loafer or a lace-up brogues.
For example:
From My own Collection.

A button-down shirt

No, not an oversized one with a purple paisley print and contrasting stripes on the collar and cuffs. Keep it simple with solid white, blue black, or even a stripped one with simple line, and focus on fit. Even if you’re packing some extra pounds like me, the shirt should have high armholes and be tailored through the torso. 
And if the sleeves are a bother, just rolled them up like i did in this example:

Dark denim

Light jeans look either too casual, too cheap or both. Darker washes in a straight-leg cut, alternatively, lend a more luxe look to any date-night ensemble. And unless your initial encounter is at a black-tie ball, you’re guaranteed entrance just about anywhere. In short, it’s an easy option with maximum impact. 

Clipped nails, coiffed hair and cologne

A good rule of thumb: Cleanliness can help you get dirty later. There’s no bigger turnoff than talon-like toenails . A clip here and a snip there should do the trick. Then polish yourself off with a spritz of cologne. Anything more would be a knockout -- and not in a good way. 
A Cologne tip: "One Million By Paco Rabanne"

Deep down, I know the inside is what really counts. But if you ignore the outside, you’ll be hard-pressed to get someone past the first date to see it

Keep it simple, keep it classy,


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