Sunday, September 2, 2012

Hair Removal Guide

Fact: A man’s hair is the first thing women notice. You have to have a stylish hairstyle, but the most expensive haircut in the world won’t help if you have weedlike body hair growing out of the collar of your shirt or waving at her through your nose (FYI: Nose hair isn't something just middle-aged men get -- consider yourself alerted).

I know you know that hair removal doesn’t end at shaving your face. That's why you're hesitating to pull out those muscle shirts despite how hot it is outside. However, most men still have doubts about how best to navigate body hair removal. After all, you're a man, and that just isn't a topic you bring up with, well, other men.

That's why I'm here. I focus on Three key areas to get rid of your excess body hair.


The amount, direction of growth varies from man to man, but just as with any other type of body hair, it does have the tendency to grow out of control if not maintained.

How to get rid of it:

Trim it: There's nothing wrong with sporting a little chest hair. To achieve your desired length, go for an electric clipper with various attachment sizes. The advantage of trimming is that it's painless, and it will generally take a month before hair has grown back to its original length.

Get rid of it: If you've considered shaving your chest with a razor and shaving cream (a la old fashion way), don't. Regrowth will be quick, and no man wants to be a slave to his body hair removal routine. Instead, get waxed. Contrary to popular belief, when the right wax is used (and this is certainly an argument for spending a bit more at a salon), you'll be able to survive without crying like a baby. The results of waxing will last about six weeks.

Neck Up

The back of your neck and the insides of your ears and your nose should be your No. 1 priorities when considering body hair removal, since these parts are the ones on display.

How to get rid of it: Trimming the back of your neck with an electric razor will ensure your neck hair isn't an extension of a horrendously hairy back. Alternatively, electrolysis or laser hair removal are options here: Since a small area would be the focus, it wouldn't be nearly as expensive as it would be to remove all of your chest hair, for example.

As for your ears and nose, you need to tend to the hair in these areas on a regular basis. Simply trim with an electric razor (or blade razors) when you shave in the morning.


A hairy back is never OK. This is one place that should be bald -- always. It’s a nonnegotiable grooming tip. This rule also extends to the shoulder area.

How to get rid of it: Unless you have someone to shave your back every few days, you’re going to have to turn to waxing for this problem. If you have the cash (and time!) to invest in eliminating your back hair forever, electrolysis or laser hair removal are the ultimate choices.

hairy situation

Grooming unsightly body hair is part of being a neat man. But we’re not talking about going bald here (unless you absolutely want to). Women tend to not like a man with less body hair and smoother skin than them. I'm merely suggesting that you groom any grizzlylike hair that’s unnecessarily poking and prodding in unusual areas. And since you’ll be showing off more skin during these hot temperatures , you’ll be exposing your areas with problematic body hair if you don’t trim, wax or shave the problem away.

Keep it nice, keep it clean,


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